CVHS Students Build a Tsunami Memorial

CVHS Students Build a Tsunami Memorial

Students in Rory Marcaccio Schaffer’s art classes at Centreville High School built a memorial to the tsunami victims called “Stone Wave — River of Color.”

Using about 200 pounds of marble stone and river rock, students etched and painted scenes on the stones which have been placed next to the front parking lot.

“I wanted the children to have a compassionate connection with the families who have been affected by the tsunami,” said Marcaccio Schaffer, who based the project on the Mani stones from the mountains of Tibet.

Students in sculpture, ceramics and Art I classes spent two months “fashioning their private reflections about the tragedy,” said Marcaccio Schaffer. “Each stone hosts their prayer for humanity.”

Said Chris Schwindt, a senior: “We had to create something of our own in remembrance of the people who lost their lives. Mine said ‘Peace’ on the stone.”

Jenae Duquette, a junior, said, “I decided to make a scene from the news when a little boy was in the water and a man rescued him — he’s holding onto a tree or a pole.”

Added senior Amanda Brooks: “I made a face coming out of the stone with a wave coming out over the face to show sadness.”