Blackwell Replaces Beyer

Blackwell Replaces Beyer

Bushée elected vice president and Smyers elected secretary last week.

As its first order of business, the Reston Association Board of Directors elected their officers last Wednesday, April 13, at the annual board of directors meeting.

Jenn Blackwell (At large) assumed the top spot of president, replacing Rick Beyer. Douglas Bushée was re-elected vice president and Robin Smyers was elected secretary. John Higgins, an RA member, continued on as treasurer.

Blackwell, who received the only nomination for the presidency, had talked with Beyer before the meeting about assuming the post. “We did talk about it,” said Blackwell. “It was a mutual decision.” Blackwell’s colleagues unanimously elected her president.

“I think it’s a positive change,” said RA Director Douglas Bushée. “Rick is extremely busy. He did a great job of getting us to where we are today,” said Bushée, referring to Beyer’s leadership during the board’s review of the governing documents.

BEYER, CEO OF TRACERNET Corporation, decided not to pursue re-election as president because of a busy work schedule. “Like a lot of things, it comes down to who has the time,” said Beyer. “My travel schedule didn’t allow me to go to all the meetings necessary [for the position],” Beyer said.

Beyer’s chief reason for running for president of the board last year was to help produce a good referendum for the governing documents, which have been undergoing their first comprehensive review in 20 years. “I’ll still put all my effort toward the referendum,” Beyer said. “That’s what I’ll continue to focus on.”

“Rick was a great president last year, and I’m happy to assume the mantel,” said Blackwell. She will lead the board through the rest of the process for revising the governing documents and sending the revisions to referendum.

“I would not have come forward if I did not think I had the time,” said Blackwell, an attorney for Venable LLP.

“This is a job you need to put 110 percent of your energy into. I’m very honored and it’s great to serve the community and the community’s interests,” said Blackwell.

“I’m glad it all worked out with unanimity across the board leadership,” said Bushée.