Maude Expands Just In Time

Maude Expands Just In Time

Maude celebrated its three-week re-opening anniversary last week after an expansion into a neighboring business, doubling its space.

Before the expansion those who came into the small boutique-like salon off the corner of Lynn and Station streets were squeezed into a tiny reception area full of hair products and trendy gift items.

Now, when visitors come into the salon they still experience the funky character of the salon, but with room to walk around.

Although the front door is in the same location, the reception area now has additional wall space to hang themed magnets, offer more shelf space to hair products and offer a better display of the business.

In addition, as guests wait for their appointments they can take a peak through a large glass-less window behind the reception desk to see other guests getting their hair done.

On May 14 Maude will host an event with the American Cancer Society to raise money in the fight against cancer.

In addition to food, events and hair cuts for the whole family, the stylists at Maude plan to donate all tips earned to benefit the American Cancer Society.