$10 Million To Benefit Route 1

$10 Million To Benefit Route 1

Two major projects planned to benefit Route 1 corridor travelers in Mount Vernon and Lee districts got a significant boost last Thursday with final passage of H.R.3, the Transportation Equity Act, by the U.S. House of Representatives. It now goes to the President for signature.

An appropriation of $7,080,000 for the proposed Woodlawn Road replacement through Fort Belvoir and $3,242,000 for the Richmond Highway Corridor Transit Improvement Project, were both included in the final Transportation legislation that was approved by a 412-8 vote. Also included were authorizations for a future Rapid Transit Projects along Richmond Highway and Virginia Railway Express capacity improvements.

A bipartisan effort by U. S. Representatives James P. Moran (D-8) and Thomas M. Davis, III, (R-11), this action paves "the way for future projects along these highly traveled corridors," according to a joint release from the two congressional offices.

"Given the potential expansion at Fort Belvoir, easing traffic congestion through investment in our roads and public transportation infrastructure is even more vital for this region of Northern Virginia. It becomes an even larger quality of life issue for the thousands of people who commute to work, take their kids to school and patronize local businesses each day," Moran said.

"When I talk to Northern Virginians, concerns about traffic congestion are always at the top of their lists," said Davis. Included in the bill were:

* $7,080,000 for the design and construction of an additional two lanes for the proposed Woodlawn Road replacement. To be constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the new thoroughfare will reduce congestion caused by the closing of Woodlawn Road following the 9/11 terrorist attacks due to security concerns at Fort Belvoir. The Army had committed to build only two lanes but acquired the right-of-way for four lanes. These funds will now enable the construction of all four lanes connecting Telegraph Road with Route 1.

* $3,242,000 for the Richmond Highway (Route 1) Corridor Transit Improvement Project designed to improve bus operations, pedestrian safety, and intermodal facilities on Route 1 between Huntington Avenue and Fort Belvoir.