Runway Study Out Soon

Runway Study Out Soon

The Final Environmental Impact Study of the proposed new runways at Dulles International Airport is set to be released later this month.

There are three operating runways at the airport. The Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority is seeking approval to construct two new runways. As part of that approval, the authority must comply with federal environmental guidelines.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement being completed by the Federal Aviation Administration will analyze the potential impacts of the new runways and associated construction projects, and suggest ways to lessen those impacts.

The draft version of the study was released in January and public hearings were held in February. The final version will address issues raised at the public hearings, among others.

It will also note the preferred alternative for how to design the proposed runways and facilities. The alternatives under review include a Òno-buildÓ option, and two separate proposals, each of which would add a north-south and east-west runway.

After the study is released, members of the public will have an opportunity to review it. The administration is scheduled to announce their decision about how to proceed by the end of the year.