Franklin Farm Celebrates

Franklin Farm Celebrates

Residents from all generations of Herndon's Franklin Farm community recently celebrated the neighborhood's 25th anniversary.

Enjoying two days' full of community centered events, such as potlucks and an awards ceremony, residents mingled with each other, caught up with new and old neighbors and enjoyed the end of summer. The Franklin family, who owned the farm for many years, was also in attendance.

When the Franklin Farm community was created in 1980, it was considered the far outskirts of Fairfax County, according to "Franklin Farm, No Longer a Frontier Town" a booklet created for the celebration by the Franklin Farm 25th anniversary committee. According to the booklet, at that time Dulles International Airport was hardly used and Franklin Farm was a dirt road through soybean fields.

What was first bought as 100 acres by James Franklin in 1936 eventually operated as one of the largest farms in the area, and has now become a quiet residential community.

Members of this community take pride in their neighborhood, as is evident from the 30-page booklet on the area's history and the number of residents participating in the 25th anniversary events. To learn more about Franklin Farm visit