Students Carry Paper Lanterns for St. Martin's Day

Students Carry Paper Lanterns for St. Martin's Day

German School children marched outside the school Dec. 3 in a (slightly late) celebration of St. Martin’s Day, a traditional German holiday.

Nov. 11 is the feast day of St. Martin of Tours, who gave half his cloak to a beggar so he could hide his poverty. The holiday is celebrated with feasts, songs and other traditions in France, Portugal, Germany and other countries.

Children carried paper lanterns and sung songs as they paraded to the school’s playing field where they heard St. Martin’s story, brought to life by a costumed actor on a horse.

The parade followed an all-day Christmas bazaar at the school to raise money for school projects. German school officials have said they hope to hold more events that are open to the public, part of an effort to better integrate with the surrounding community.