Sugarland Run Trail Open

Sugarland Run Trail Open

Joggers enjoy serene mile-long design.

Runners and walkers who have put up with the construction and improvements along Sugarland Run Trail can now enjoy its serenity — without the orange cones and construction equipment.

The $1.2 million improvement project, which first began in 1998 with conceptual designs, was recently completed in October.

Taking just under one year to complete, the project encompasses 6,000-square feet, just under one mile long, said Herndon’s Public Works Director, Bob Boxer.

Included in the improvements were the removal of the existing bridges that ran over the Sugarland Run stream, and the installation of four new manufactured pedestrian bridges to replace them, said Boxer. The Sugarland Run stream bed was also stabilized to counteract any erosion that could cause the pathway to crumble into the stream over time. Drainage improvements were also put in place along the path. After passing over Elden Street and through the Stuarts Woods apartments — at the north end of the trail — a boardwalk was put in to cross over the wetlands in the area for pedestrians to enjoy, but not destroy the natural habitat, said Boxer.

A state grant was used to help fund the project, first recommended by Art Anselene, director of Herndon's Department of Parks and Recreation.

“There will be a ribbon cutting event for the trail improvement completion in the spring when the weather is warmer,” said Boxer. The trail, which runs behind the new Herndon Police Station, across the intersection of Elden Street and the Herndon Parkway, behind the Stuarts Woods Apartments and into Runnymede Park, is open and waiting for residents to enjoy its new look.