Celebrating 25 Years of Pizza

Celebrating 25 Years of Pizza

For 25 years, Farlington Pizza has been a family owned neighborhood fixture in the community.

In celebration of the more than two decades of pizza making, restaurant owners Stella and Demetrios Stergiov were treated to two celebrations, one on Dec. 7 where friends of the restaurant celebrated its 25th anniversary. Another party was held by customers on Dec. 2.

"After almost 10 years of eating at Farlington Pizza it's like eating with family for us," said Jenney Krese, who organized the celebration with her husband Chris.

"Their hospitality has created a wonderful community. We couldn't let their 25th anniversary pass without letting them know just how much they mean to us," Jenney Krese said.

Stergiov's came to Farlington Plaza in 1980.

"My husband was working in various restaurants and then decided to open his own place. Our first one was at Washington Boulevard and Stewart Street in Arlington," said Stella Stergiov.

"Every Friday night the place is completely full with families from throughout this area. We started to make it a family Friday night about 16 years ago."

The Stergiov's children grew up in the restaurant.

"Our kids grew up in here. They did their homework at the tables before we would close up for the night," Stergiov said. The couple's oldest son, George, 34, is the restaurant's manager Their daughter Eva, 33, is a fourth-grade teacher in the Fairfax County school system.

Chris Krese said Friday night at Farlington Pizza is a ritual for families in the neighborhood.

Although Demetrios works somewhat limited hours lately, mostly in the mornings, his wife said they have no plans to retire.

"The business and the customers keep us young," she said.

With four employees plus their son George, Farlington Pizza, specializes in New York style pizza. They are open six days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"Jen and Chris organized the surprise party and it was truly great," Stella said.