Gardener Turned Community Activist

Gardener Turned Community Activist

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Before the Town of Herndon was thrust into the spotlight due to this summer's day labor debates, Herndon resident Bob Rudine spent his days tending to his Yard of the Month winning garden. But, by late July Rudine found he was spending less time in his garden and more time in Help Save Herndon meetings. Before he knew it, Rudine shifted from the role of quiet gardener along Alabama Drive, to a community activist often quoted by local and national media outlets. Often joking he participated in anti-Vietnam War protests in the 1960s, Rudine wonders how exactly he got to be in the position of a community activist against illegal immigration.

Name: Bob Rudine

Born: Nov. 18, 1943, Beaumont, Texas

Occupation/position: Retired/IT Manager

Achievements: I have had a long and successful career in computers. My home garden won one of the first Herndon yard-of-the-month awards.

Family: Pat Rudine, Sister in Texas

Likes: I enjoy working in my gardens and all aspects of photography and computers.

Dislikes: Winter! It’s a long time till the spring flowers.

Favorite (local) restaurant/place: Clearwater; Runnymede Park

Sports interests/activities: Football/Photography on the Appalachian Trail.

Community ties: HelpSaveHerndon

Community concerns: I am concerned about the effect of unchecked illegal immigration on the Town of Herndon and our communities. More and more of our tax dollars are being spent supporting illegal aliens without addressing the cause. Demand on our police, zoning and social services departments will increase as more illegal aliens are attracted to our community. At the same time we can expect continued deterioration of our housing stock, property values and quality of life in Herndon.

Community ideas: The Town of Herndon has to address illegal immigration by working with state and federal governments to return illegal aliens to their country of origin. The longer we wait the harder and costlier this will be to accomplish. After we get a handle on the illegal immigration problem, we need to consider funding rehabilitation for our older housing stock with some of the money we will save.

With the prospect of rail to Dulles Airport, and our location relative to the toll road, we should expand our commercial and retail development. Not only would there be an increase in area jobs, more people would be spending their time and money enjoying the Town of Herndon.

Personal goals: With my involvement in community affairs in recent months, it seems that I have a desire to become involved in the future of our Town. Where that will take me is still unclear, but I know I will be involved in some manner, shape or form.