Development Receives Board Approval

Development Receives Board Approval

The Board of Supervisors voted to approve a zoning application to allow 49 new homes on Waxpool Road.

Another development is soon to make its way into Dulles District. Contrary to usual response of such news, the neighbors seem to welcome this development.

"The complaints have been, 'When are you going to complete Waxpool,'" said Supervisor Stephen Snow (R-Dulles). Waxpool Road is a two-lane gravel road near the site of the future 49-home development. The Board of Supervisors approved the building of the new homes at its Dec. 13 public hearing.

Snow said the ultimate plan is for Waxpool Road to become a four-lane road. For years Loudoun has tied road improvements to developments, he said. "This county leads the way in Virginia," said Snow.

WAXPOOL LAND DEVELOPMENT, LLC of Leesburg asked that a little more than 13 acres of land be rezoned from a single-family residential to a planned-development housing zoning district. The developer will pave approximately 700 feet of Waxpool Road, said George McGregor, an attorney with Reed Smith LLP, the firm representing Waxpool Land Development. However, those 700 feet still leave a part of the road unpaved.

Although one person spoke against the development at the county's Planning Commission public hearing Oct. 17, the application was approved relatively quickly, about a year after it was submitted. McGregor said the person was concerned about the buffer between new development and the nearby Broadlands neighborhood. The Planning Commission, however, voted unanimously to recommend the application for approval. The fact no one spoke against the development at the Board of Supervisors public hearing Dec. 13, said McGregor, shows there are no outstanding issues within the community.

VIRGINIA ROWEN, a member of the county's Planning Department staff, said the one-year timeline is state mandated. "That is about as fast as a rezoning can get through," she said.

The current land use around the development includes planned residential communities to the north and east, Belmont Bluff and Broadlands developments, houses to the south and undeveloped residential land to the west. It is projected the development will house approximately 32 school children, served by Mill Run Elementary School, Eagle Ridge Middle School and Briar Woods High School.

In addition to paving 700 feet of Waxpool Road, the developer will pave the roads inside the proposed development. Also, Waxpool Land promised a $986,904 contribution to capital facilities, a $10,507 purchase of the open space easement and a $5,580 contribution to fire and rescue services. As far as transportation proffers are concerned, Waxpool Land promised a $7,500 contribution to the future traffic signal at the intersection of Waxpool Road and Truro Parish Road. Another $24,500 contribution is promised for transit and regional road improvements.