Walking for the Fourth

Walking for the Fourth

The Fourth of July will always be about patriotism, fireworks and fun. And sometimes it’s more fun to try something different.

About 20 adventurous Reston and Herndon residents followed that mantra and walked from the Reston Town Center to Bready Park in Herndon, where they could enjoy live music, food and festivities.

Organized by the Reston Historic Trust, the “Fourth of July Walk to Herndon,” which started at 5 p.m. and followed the Washington and Old Dominion trail, allowed participants to get some exercise, enjoy the day’s festivities and not worry about parking or traffic.

“I’ve done this walk myself and I thought that it’d be a nice walk,” said the walk’s leader, Squire Muse, adding that most people usually drive from Reston to Herndon despite the short distance. “The other great thing about this walk is that it brings you out right in downtown Herndon.”

THE TWO-MILE WALK sounded great to Cary Wendt of Herndon. “Sharon [Wendt’s fiancée] did a look up on the Internet, that’s how we found it,” said Wendt. “We just wanted to come out with a group locally and catch the fireworks at the end,” said Wendt, adding that it was just too crowded to travel to Washington, D.C.

Bill Whyte and his wife, Bonnie, both volunteers with Reston Historic Trust, participated because they thought it was a good idea. “We thought this was a fun way to do the fireworks,” said Bonnie Whyte, adding that it was a good way to learn about the area.

Pinky O’Neil of Reston brought her granddaughter from California on the walk. “We checked out three or four events, but this one sounded best,” O’Neil said. She said that she thought her granddaughter would enjoy the live music at Bready Park.

The walkers met at the Reston Museum, then carpooled to Reston Town Center before starting the walk. They were given fact sheets with options for food, return transportation and activities once they reached Bready Park.