Local Man Charged with Rape, Abduction

Local Man Charged with Rape, Abduction

Woman says she was taken from Fairfax Circle area and assaulted.

A Centreville man is facing a possible two life terms in prison after being arrested last week and charged with rape and abduction with intent to defile. He is Basim Dauwd Jami (AKA David Lee Jackson), 43, of 14400 block of Four Chimney Drive in the Newgate community.

In a July 13 affidavit for a search warrant to obtain forensic evidence from Jami's person, Fairfax County police Det. Joseph Norton presented details of the case against him. Norton is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau's Sex Crimes Unit.

He wrote that, on July 12, the City of Fairfax Police Department responded to the 3200 block of Old Lee Highway, in the City of Fairfax, for a report of a rape. A 44-year-old woman, called "Victim 1" by the detective, told police she was raped and assaulted by an unknown man, somewhere west of Shirley Gate Road, earlier that morning.

She described her attacker as a black male, approximately 5 foot 7 inches and 190 pounds, with short black hair and a muscular build. She said he wore a dark, short-sleeved shirt and dark pants and drove a dark, four-door vehicle with Virginia license tags. City of Fairfax police then contacted Fairfax County police, after determining the offense took place in the county's jurisdiction.

According to the affidavit, the woman told police she was in the parking lot of the Fairfax Circle Office Park when the unknown man drove up and "asked if anyone knew where 'Gloria' was. Victim 1 offered [him] assistance in trying to locate Gloria. Victim 1 got in the vehicle with the subject and then headed west."

At some point, wrote Norton, the man turned off the main road and went through a development and onto a gravel road in a secluded area. "Victim 1 got out of the vehicle, and the [man] started to make sexual advances toward her," he wrote.

The detective wrote that the woman said no, but the man allegedly grabbed her as she tried to walk away. "He also hit her, pushed her down and dragged her along the gravel road," wrote Norton.

Then, wrote the detective, "Victim 1 struggled and fought back with the suspect. [She] stated that she was afraid that [he] was going to rape and kill her. The suspect then had sexual intercourse with Victim 1 inside the back seat of the vehicle."

NORTON WROTE that, after the alleged incident, the man drove the woman back to the Fairfax Circle area. When she got out of his car, wrote Norton, she memorized his license-plate number and reported it, as well as the attack, to the police. The detective stated that the Department of Motor Vehicles identified that tag as belonging to a blue, four-door Mazda registered to Jami at the Centreville address.

Meanwhile, the woman was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital where she was given a sexual-assault exam. Evidence was collected from her person and, wrote Norton, "The sexual-assault nurse found injuries consistent with the victim's account of what happened."

The next day, July 13, "The suspect returned to the same parking lot looking for 'Gloria' or 'Mary,'" wrote the detective. "A witness identified him as the same subject who left with Victim 1, the night before. Victim 1 called the City of Fairfax police and advised [them] that the suspect had returned."

Local police units responded, but were unable to find the suspect. However, he then returned a second time. "Victim 1 observed [him] parked in the vehicle next to the one she was in," wrote Norton. "[She] called the police again and, this time, they identified the vehicle, and the driver as Jami."

City of Fairfax police arrested Jami and charged him with being drunk in public. He was taken to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where county police charged him with rape and abduction with intent to defile. Rape is punishable by five years to life in prison, and the abduction charge carries a 20-years-to-life penalty.

A few months earlier, county police had charged Jami with felony hit-and-run and DWI in an unrelated incident that occurred April 29. He was arrested April 30 and was released May 7 on $4,000 bond. He has a July 27 court date for these offenses. In regard to his latest charges, he is being held without bond and has an Aug. 29 court date.