Making Impact One Person at at Time

Making Impact One Person at at Time

Deloitte & Touche employees volunteer their time to help UCM.

United Community Ministries facilities are much brighter this week — thanks to the work of over a hundred local employees of Delloite & Touche USA LLP and over a hundred employees of UCM who participated in last week’s IMPACT Day.

Deloitte & Touche, one of the nation’s leading professional services firms, celebrated National Volunteer Week from April 17 to 23 by partnering with UCM for IMPACT Day, its national day of volunteer service.

“We have a culture of service at Deloitte and that includes service to the community,” said James H. Quigley, CEO of Deloitte & Touche. “IMPACT Day is an opportunity for each of our people to turn their attention from work for a day to focus on community issues. Contributing to our communities through volunteerism is part of our culture, and I’m very proud of the Deloitte team and our commitment to make a difference through community service.”

Volunteers wearing blue Deloitte & Touche shirts could be seen at the Sacramento Neighborhood Center painting a mural and creating a library area at the center's location on Sacramento Drive.

Jacque Eaves, director of the center, was in the middle of the action, helping paint the mural and directing volunteers when needed. She said that Julie Ellis, director of the Hollin Hall Senior Center, designed the mural.

AT THE BRYANT Early Learning Center, the grass was removed and a perennial-filled garden for the children to enjoy and learn about nature was installed near the playground area. This was done despite the pouring rain.

Naman Parekh, who coordinated the volunteer work at the BEL Center, said that his company donated the mulch, soil and flowers. Parents lent shovels and wheelbarrows.

“It was a big joint effort,” he said.

Martha’s House, a home owned by UCM and rented to low-income families, received major landscaping. The front and back yards were trimmed and cleaned up.

At the Back Porch distribution center, volunteers sorted an ample amount of donated clothing.

At UCM’s Back Porch Store, volunteers built shelving and storage areas for the rear of the store where donations are received.

The rear loading dock at UCM’s main office on Fortson Road was power-washed and an area was set aside for staff to have lunch or just catch a breath of fresh air. Volunteers added summer blooming perennials to the front area and the large front window now showcases UCM’s various programs and services thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

Cheri Combs, a second-year volunteer, said, “We do it because we believe in community.”

"IMPACT DAY was an amazing experience for UCM and hopefully the employees from Deloitte feel the same," said Cecelia Vergaretti, volunteer coordinator. "It took a lot of planning and coordination by Deloitte and UCM staff and the projects selected were ones that UCM did not have the capacity to do on its own. Charles Neal, the Deloitte coordinator for the UCM project was instrumental in making sure that things came together at the end.

"If Deloitte is willing to come back next year, we would be grateful to have their help. The impact that these projects will have on our ability to serve clients is huge. Next year? After seeing how well things went this year, I may have to think of even bigger projects. Anyone have some land they are willing to donate for a vegetable garden for our food pantry?"