Taylor Run

Taylor Run

JOHNSON PARTY: Darlene and Dick Johnson invited neighbors on Shooter’s Hill to banish midwinter blahs in Hawaiian costume. Darlene cooked fascinating and exotic food for a month, and God bless her, displayed cards which identified ingredients, thus saving people with food allergies from much misery.

Erma and Phil Gibber came from Hollin Hills; Karen Keene, finance director at the Red Cross, came with husband Peter, who has just retired from the Coast Guard.

Daughter Cassandra was there with husband OIivier Javaudin. Daughter Christine was there with husband Richard Lankford.

George Stelluto discussed the musical career of son George Jr., who is busily commuting between Las Vegas and Juilliard. Dianna and Mickey Campagne showed up with leis.

Les and Louise Welch, Paula and David Rutherford, Suzie Jackson, the Lawsons, the Schmittls, and Lynn Hampton and Denny Ault were among the other guests.

ANYTHING GOES: Joan and John Holden treated a large and appreciative group of alumni parents to an enjoyable buffet and the opening night of "Anything Goes" performed by the Saint Stephen and St. Agnes Stage One Players.

I had forgotten how many marvelous songs come from that musical comedy: “You’re the Top”,”It’s Delovely”,”I Get a Kick”, and “Blow Gabriel Blow” — and the title song itself!

Cole Porter lavished all these treats on just one show. How lucky the joyous young players, who danced beautifully, are to be in a school which gives them such good material.

Sue and Phil Brooks were there, as were Bobbie and Pat O’Brien, Fran and Gant Redmon, Ken MacDonald, and Kathy and Bob Cassel with daughter Courtney Cassel Brinckerhoff.

Ann and Hal Downs were having a wonderful time, as were Penny and William Colbert, Ginny and Jim Bradley, Judi and Tony Brush, Mary Fifer Dewey, Cindy and Dave Bartol and Chris Ragland.

TRCA SCHOLARSHIP: The Taylor Run Citizens Association has done something rather wonderful; because the treasury showed a surplus, mostly earned by picking up litter in Chinquapin Park, they have donated $1,000 to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria to be used as a scholarship for a student from our neighborhood. This donation was the bright idea of Peter Freeman.

<b1>— Lois Kelso Hunt