Cast Party

Howls of glee filled Juliana Place as cast members of six versions of Marian's Music Hall watched their younger selves performing shows taped in '85, 87, and '89. They had gathered for a party given by Mike Curry, Bob Eifert, and Lois Kelso Hunt to cheer on Del. Marian Van Landingham

in her fight with cancer.

Joan Cushing, Mrs. Foggybottom herself, came out from the District; she was fascinated to see the tape of her triumphant appearance in '87, when the show was put on at the Birchmere. Joan has a very successful children's musical showing at Imagination Stage, and is also appearing in

the Hexagon show.

Sen. Patsy Ticer said "It was a great trip down Memory Lane. We were surprised to see that we were better than we had thought."

Vice-mayor Del Pepper declared "It was wonderful to see the other cast members again, and to relive the fun we had rehearsing and performing. Del was not even jarred by the sight of the false whiskers she wore as Lion in the Pyramus and Thisbe scene from Midsummer Night's Dream

Rich Leibach voiced doubts about his qualifications as a performer, but was told by all that he held the picture auctioned by Bernie Cohen in a very artistic fashion.

Ernie Sult, who sang in the very first show, held at the Lyceum, enjoyed himself greatly, as did Mary Bruce Batte, who appeared in the show when it was at St. Stephen's Lower School auditorium.

Everyone was asking for Lillian Arnold, who made such a hit with "Where Are the Men?" but Lillian is now 98 years old, and the granddaughter who lives with her thought the weather too cold for attendance at the party.

Doris and Don Mela, Kelly Weissenborn, Libby Cooperman, Kerry Donley, and Pat Thomas and Ed Semonian, were all charmed by their various appearances.

Marian, whose idea it was to show the tapes when their existence was discovered (all right, I forgot I had them) said "It was wonderful to revisit the Music Halls and see all these great people again. What a delight to see Mrs. Foggybottom again!"

TRCA Annual Meeting

Taylor Run Citizens Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. at the George Washington Masonic Memorial on March 23.

The Executive Committee has voted to ask for protection from development for these parcels of land: George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Alexandria Water Company property adjacent to the Memorial, three large residential lost, and the trail area along Francis

Hammond Parkway.