Princess for a Night Helps Teens' Dreams

Princess for a Night Helps Teens' Dreams

Organizers looking for donations of formal prom attire

Katie Basinski knows that every woman has at least one formal gown in their closet that they’re not wearing. She’s hoping that this month, women in this area will take the time to pull those gowns out of their closets and donate them to Princess for a Night (PFAN). This way, they can clean house and be charitable at the same time.

Basinski, who is the social worker at Bucknell Elementary and Edison High Schools, is coordinating the second annual collection. The goal of the project to defray the high cost of prom gowns so that all students can participate in their special night without worrying about spending a lot of money. This project benefits high school girls not only on the Route One Corridor, but in southern Fairfax County as well.

“Last year, thanks to the generosity of numerous women across, over 300 dresses were donated to the project and made available to high school students in the area. The PFAN project was a great success and every young lady who participated received a beautiful dress, Basinski said. And many received matching shoes, jewelry, and handbags as well.

“Basically, the goal of the project is to collect formal gowns from women within the community and make them available to students who might not be able to afford to attend prom. Similar projects are going on in other parts of the county, but here is where we need it most. Last year the project was successful but we didn't reach as many students as we wanted. I'm confident that, with more promotion, even more girls can benefit.”

Items are being accepted at both Edison High School and Gold’s Gym. Bob Shepherd, vice president of Gold’s Gym, thinks it’s a worthwhile project, and has been surprised at the quality of items that have been donated. This past week, a brand new gown was left in the drop-off box along with some other items.

Students and others will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the items on Friday, April 22, when the Fashion Marketing Classes at Edison High School hold a Fashion Show. Cost is $5 and there will be a show from 7:30-8:15 p.m., and another from 8:30-9:15 p.m.