Finerfrock Getting Back In

Finerfrock Getting Back In

Republican Bill Finerfrock seeks 41st District seat in the House of Delegates.

A resident of Fairfax County for nearly 25 years, Bill Finerfrock hopes to become the Republican candidate for the seat being vacated by retiring Del. Jim Dillard, who represented the 41st District since 1972.

"I think we need effective, experienced representation down in Richmond," said Finerfrock, of Springfield, who has worked as a lobbyist for the health care industry for 20 years. "I come with a deep amount of background of working in a political environment."

"One of the problems I've had with the representatives from the region in the past is that I don't think they've been effective as elected officials. I don't believe they've approached the political process in a way that ensures a likelihood for success," said Finerfrock.

Finerfrock challenged Dillard for the House of Delegates in 1989 but said he decided taking on the incumbent was something he didn’t want to attempt again.

"It's not a new interest of mine," he said. "But jumping into a fray with a multitude of people was not attractive to me." Currently, Finerfrock is opposed by Michael Golden in the Republican primary. David Marsden, a former campaign manager for Dillard, is running for the same seat as a Democrat.

Finerfrock said his experience as executive director for the National Association of Rural Health Clinics has brought him into contact with the concerns of those from other parts of the state, and this will enable him to form ties with delegates outside of Northern Virginia.

"One of things I can take to Richmond is the ability to work with rural legislators who don't understand our traffic problems, our education problems and aren't necessarily receptive to what we're trying to do," said Finerfrock. "I have the ability to work with them on their problems and in exchange get them to work with us on our problems."

The "Big Three" issues of transportation, education and taxes are all ones Finerfrock sees as most crucial to the 41st District, believing that every candidate for office from Fairfax County would say the same thing.

"I've yet to run into a candidate who thinks making sure education gets properly funded isn't a priority," said Finerfrock. "My priority is making sure the money that's available gets into classroom. We've got a lot of money coming from the state, and we need to ensure that money gets to classroom."

FINERFROCK SAID certain transportation solutions, such as HOV lanes, need to be re-thought, since congestion in those lanes is becoming more prevalent.

"I think we have to look at how we're utilizing the carpool lanes," he said. "Encouraging car pool lanes is a good thing, and it works very well, and people buying hybrids is great, but it's creating a serious problem in carpool lanes."

Finerfrock said he would not have supported the state tax increases in 2004

"The state income tax debated a year ago was a total mess," he said, adding that he would have been in favor of a refund to taxpayers.

One issue Finerfrock believes is of great importance to his constituents is the matter of illegal immigration and its effect on Fairfax County.

"I've knocked on hundreds and hundreds of doors and one thing I'm getting concerned about is illegal immigration and the problem that's causing in terms of drains on resources," he said. "We've started to take some steps at the state level, but there's more that could be done — giving more power to police to arrest or intervene when people are determined to be illegal immigrants."

Finerfrock points to his living in the 41st District for over 20 years as one of his campaign’s biggest strengths.

"As someone who has been involved in Republican politics for many years, as a volunteer and on the committee, I believe we need to make sure we put forward people who show a depth of involvement in the community," he said.