Celebrating Arbor Day with Tree Planting

Celebrating Arbor Day with Tree Planting

New red maple planted at Sherwood Regional Library.

A tree grows at Sherwood Regional Library — thanks to the Virginia Nursery & Landscape Assoc.; Lancaster Farms; Village Turf, Inc., and Fairfax County Facilities Management. As part of Mount Vernon Green Day 2005, a “Red Sunset” maple tree now graces the front of the library.

While the planting had to be delayed, the ceremony was held as planned; it was just held indoors instead of outdoors. Lou Kobus, president, Mount Vernon Community Coalition, Inc., welcomed guests and then turned it over to Elizabeth Waller, Fairfax County Public Library branch coordinator.

On hand for the event were several students from Fort Hunt Elementary School’s sixth grade class. They had written poems for Arbor Day and three of them were read by the authors. All of the poems are contained in a book which will be displayed in Mount Vernon District Supervisor Gerry Hyland’s office for all to enjoy. He dedicated the tree for the ceremony.

Original Poetry:

”Tree Poem” by Brian Fitzsimmons

I have a dogwood tree

That looks through my window at me.

Its branches sway back and forth

It’s very easy to see.

In summer, the leaves turn grassy green.

In fall, they’re warm colors, it’s a beautiful scene.

In winter they’re no leaves to see

In spring, they return, to my glee.

The tree is a giver

And we are the taker.

It gives oxygen

Yet we don’t pay her.

If there were no trees to give us air

This world of ours would not be as fair.

You kindly give shelter to birds and more

Your leaves for caterpillars are food galore.

Your mighty roots spread through the ground

As you sit upon a mound.

And as you rot into dust

Remember your glorious beauty, you must.

And as the squirrels chip away

I know you’ll be back another day.

“Tree” by Suzy Kirby

She’s long and tall and slim

And beautiful as can be

She’s quite a sight to behold

She’s no other than a tree.

As the years go by she grows

Taller towards the sky

Her branches long and graceful

Get stronger by and by.

In winter she wears

A glittering coat of white

That twinkles in the daytime

And under moonlight.

In spring she’s covered in flowers

And smells so fresh and sweet

She becomes the home of any bird

That she happens to meet.

Summer is another tale

As she cradles in her arms

Apples, cherries and other fruits

That adds those special charms

Once autumn comes along

Her leaves die and fade away

But she patiently waits for

Them to come another day.

No matter the weather or how she looks

It’s just so plain to see

She’ll always be a beauty

She’ll always be a tree.

“Wonders” by Laura Reynolds

When people describe wonders they think of elegance

Statues of gold or marble, for instance

They rant and rave about those things that they see

But what they really need to look closely at is a tree.

Trees are the best wonders of all

Their branches bend and wave and seem like they’ll fall

But really they’ve moving nature’s great pattern

Just like the planets, including Saturn.

Trees’ blossoms may be the prettiest of all

Or maybe their leaves when red and gold in Fall

Or possibly in Winter, when draped in snow

But in all seasons of the year, there is one thing I know.

Trees have great roots that go down low

And towering branches that the breeze does blow

And when I see a tree that is tall or small

I know that trees are the greatest wonders of all.