Guilty Pleas Entered in Two Teen Rapes

Guilty Pleas Entered in Two Teen Rapes

Centreville resident Reginald Andre Wright is now facing a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison after pleading guilty last week to raping two 13-year-old girls.

WRIGHT, 31, is of 14845 Maidstone Court in the London Towne community; the victims live in Centreville and Lorton. The crimes both occurred in Centreville residences — and just nine days apart — on Jan. 20 and Jan. 29.

The first incident involved the Centreville girl and took place in her own home. It eventually resulted in Wright being arrested — but not until after he'd committed a second offense.

That second crime occurred Jan. 29 and involved the Lorton girl, who was spending the night at a Centreville friend's home in the 14800 block of Hatfield Square — not far from Wright's home. He visited the home overnight while she was there.

And during that time, say Fairfax County police, he had "inappropriate contact with the girl on two occasions." When the teen returned home, she told her parents what happened and they contacted the police.

Wright was then arrested at his home, Feb. 2, and charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of carnal knowledge of a minor. Shortly afterward, the first incident came to light and, on Feb. 10, police charged Wright with another count of carnal knowledge of a minor — also known as statutory rape.

The sexual assault charge was later dropped and, on April 18, the grand jury indicted Wright on both counts of carnal knowledge. Last Tuesday, April 26, in Circuit Court, he pleaded guilty to both offenses.

Judge Arthur Vierreg Jr. then scheduled his sentencing for May 27. Until then, Wright will continue being held without bond in the Adult Detention Center. Each of his crimes is punishable by as much as 10 years in prison.

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