Hollin Hall Welcomes the Queen

Hollin Hall Welcomes the Queen

Guests enjoy Renaissance Day at the senior center.

Her Majesty, her ladies in waiting, the jesters and Her Majesty’s faithful subjects were all at the Second Annual Renaissance Community Family Day, held at the Hollin Hall Senior Center.

Taking charge of the events were the Senior Village People, among them Julie Jubilant (Julie Ellis), Lainie Laugh-A-Lot (Elaine Throm), Ann Absolute (Ann Fulkerson) and Petulant Perchance Patricia (Patricia Bruch).

Switching gears from last week’s cruise luncheon where she served as captain, Ellis was resplendent in her Renaissance attire as she greeted guests.

The Queen and her Court, courtesy of St. George Productions, LLC, visited the center for an afternoon of storytelling, spontaneous Shakespeare, arts and crafts, knighting, inside jousting and other activities ordered by Her Majesty. Children enjoyed making wands, crowns, coat of arms, masks and pins. All could enjoy Her Majesty’s Table of Sweet, Salt and Beverages, which used rolled cones to hold chips and candies. The event was sponsored by the Department of Community and Recreation Services.

“We will host a Community Family Day at least once a year-we enjoy the Renaissance theme — trying to bring a little bit of Renaissance to the Mount Vernon area. It is also a pleasure working with the St. George Productions, LLC. The volunteers from the center truly enjoy doing something different and the focus of this event is for families,” said Ellis.