Whitman's Prom: Hour-By-Hour

Whitman's Prom: Hour-By-Hour



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Julie Plevin ran, biked and swam through a triathlon last year, good preparation for the endurance test that surrounds prom night at Walt Whitman High School.

Whitman’s prom was at the Bethesda Hyatt on Friday, May 6, but the event itself was surrounded by hours of pre-prom and post-prom celebrations and activities that lasted well past sunrise the following morning.

Plevin, a senior, and her prom date Sam Lazarus were among more than 50 Whitman promgoers who convened at the Glen Echo Park parking lot on Friday evening — photo opportunities galore for their parents. Two limousine buses took the Whitman students to the Weston Grand Hotel in Washington, D.C. for a pre-prom dinner.

Whitman itself hosted the post-prom party, where students played casino games, jumped on a moon bounce and hoped to win an array of prizes until 5 a.m.

Even after the post-prom was finished, area families hosted breakfasts the following morning.