Seeking Memorabilia

Seeking Memorabilia

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, planning for the 250th anniversary of the agency in 2007, is continuing its efforts in seeking donations of Sheriff's Office memorabilia for

display purposes.

The Sheriff's Office has collected a number of items over the past few months including old photographs and a campaign poster dating back to the 1950s for then Sheriff Roger Powell. He served as Loudoun County Sheriff from 1952 to 1959.

The items are to be displayed in the Sheriff's Office Administration building in a secured display. The Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with old photographs, uniforms, badges, patches, documents or any other item related to the agency, to contact Sgt. Chris Athey at 703-729-0621 or

Items may be donated or loaned and loaned items will be promptly returned. Those not wishing to part with a family heirloom are asked to consider allowing the Sheriff's Office to photograph the item(s). If an item's historical value to the Sheriff's Office is not known, contact Athey so that a determination may be made.