Trucks Fail Safety Tests

Trucks Fail Safety Tests

Truck Safety Inspections See High Failure Rate

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office issued 22 summonses for 81 safety violations during simultaneous truck safety inspections along Belmont Ridge Road at Tall Cedars Parkway near South Riding and at Ryan Road near Ashburn this month.

The Office’s Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Team reported 56 percent of trucks violated safety regulations. The inspection team took 14 out of 25 trucks off the road, due to violations.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office public information officer Kraig Troxell said in most cases, trucks had defective equipment and insufficient tire treads. Some trucks were carrying too heavy a load. Some drivers did not have commercial motor vehicle operator’s licenses, Troxell said.

The Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Team conducts safety inspections at least once a month.

"They are out there least once a month, but we have several traffic safety inspections on roadways everyday. Officers perform traffic safety checks as they are patrolling Loudoun County. They are always out on the roadways inspecting trucks," Troxell said. "The reason the failure rate is so high is because the companies are not taking care of the trucks. There are a large number of trucks in the area, due to the rapid growth and construction."

In most cases, trucks in violation of safety regulations are taken off the roadways.

"Enforcement is key," Troxell said. "They face large fines. The trucking companies are fined and a percentage comes back to Loudoun County."

The Sheriff’s Office Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Team is responsible for detecting and inspecting unsafe commercial motor vehicles. The team is made up of four truck safety inspectors. "They are assisted by members of other units, like the traffic safety unit," Troxell said.