Sandburg Students Learn about Careers

Sandburg Students Learn about Careers

Police work, managerial positions at 7-Eleven and firefighting. These are just a few of the areas of employment that students at Carl Sandburg Middle School learned about during last week’s Career Day. About 40 speakers addressed students throughout the day.

Firefighter Technician Doug Snowden is with Metropolitan Washington Airports and said that he has been a professional firefighter for 20 years; he was a volunteer firefighter for 22 years and both his wife and daughter are firefighters. As a technician he is trained to navigate tunnels and drains and is also certified to work with hazardous materials.

MPO Annie Mack with the Fairfax County Police Department spoke about the various responsibilities she has. One of those is doing background investigations.

“We don’t want too much junk in their trunk,” she said.

She said that training at the Police Academy was very serious but a lot a fun.

David LaVigne, district manager with 7-Eleven, said that he enjoys his job because, “I talk to people and make a difference.”

He said that in his job he needed math to do financial reports and English because he had to do a lot of writing.

Although these students are only in seventh and eighth grade, Mack said, “You need to start thinking now — 'What do I want to do?'”