Schaffer v. Weast: Who Will Argue the Case

Schaffer v. Weast: Who Will Argue the Case

The lead attorney for Jocelyn and Martin Schaffer is William Hurd of the law firm Troutman Sanders in Richmond.

Hurd was State Solicitor General for the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1999-2004. He was senior counsel to the Attorney General of Virginia from 1998-1999 and Deputy Attorney General of Virginia from 1994-1998.

He will be assisted by attorneys Siran Faulders and Paige Fitzgerald from his firm and Michael Eig and Haylie Iseman from Michael J. Eig and Associates in Chevy Chase.

Eig commented that Hurd is "everything that I’m not. He’s from Alabama, I’m from Montgomery County. … He’s a conservative Republican, I’m a liberal Democrat. … [But] we’ve connected incredibly well on this issue and he will present it next week incredibly well because this crosses all of those traditional ideas of blue state red state, southern, northern."

Lead counsel for Montgomery County Public Schools is Gregory Garre, a partner at Washington, D.C. law firm Hogan and Hartson.

Garre was an assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General from 2000-2004, during which time he argued nine cases before the Supreme Court.

Following the case, he will reportedly become a Deputy U.S. Solicitor General.

Garre will be assisted by Maree Sneed, Jonathan Franklin and Jessica Ellsworth from his own firm, MCPS attorney Zvi Greismann and four other attorneys.