A Variety of Ethnic Foods Found on the Corridor

A Variety of Ethnic Foods Found on the Corridor

Try sushi, pupusas, taquitos, lo mein, noodle soup and more.

Driving down Richmond Highway one will be treated to a microcosm of ethnic delights from all over the world. So many nationalities have set up shop along the corridor that just about any kind of food can be found.

For sushi and Japanese cuisine, try Kyoto Restaurant. The Great Wall Restaurant also has sushi in addition to Korean and Chinese food. Sushi is just one of the many dishes served at Green Olive Restaurant, which brings together a variety of ethnic cuisines in their lunch and dinner buffet.

For Chinese food, one can’t go wrong with either Peking Duck or Hunan Royale. Other choices include Hunan East, Jackie Chan, Top’s China and China One also serve Chinese food.

For Italian food choices are Mike’s Italian Restaurant and Pema’s Restaurant, conveniently located near each other; both Luigi Tonizzo and Cesar Caballero are members of the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce and active members of the community.

Pema’s opened a few years ago in a small shopping center; within a year they had moved to a larger space fronting Richmond Highway. Mike’s has been in the same space for many years and is thinking of expanding.

Moving into the space formerly occupied by Pema’s was a new Tex-Mex and Salvadorian restaurant, Las Carnitas. Owned by Benjamin Paz, a native of El Salvador, they serve enchiladas, fajitas and burritos and pupusas.

With an expanding Hispanic community, there are many options for different types of Salvadorian and Hispanic food. Try El Pollo Ranchero, El Puerto, Las Vegas, El Tropico, El Amanaceer, Cuco Lindo, Izalco Bar & Restaurant and San Buena. For Mexican food, there is Tortillas Jalisco, Taco Jalisco, Mexico Lindo, Tacos Lucas and Tacos Grande.

Several restaurants specialize in chicken — Papa Reno Chikza, Best Chicken, Paraizo Rotisserie and Su Pollo.

Noodle soup is available at the Viet House. This relative newcomer serves noodles with beef or chicken, in small or large bowls, as well as spring and summer rolls as appetizers and three special rice dishes: pork BBQ on rice, chicken BBQ on rice, and pork shredded, house cake and pork BBQ. They also serve a grilled pork & spring rolls on vermicelli bowl.

Several options exist for Thai food — Thai Herbs, To Be Thai and Thai Nakorn.

Editor’s Note: This list is not meant to be all-inclusive and does not mention any of the wonderful restaurants in Mount Vernon that are not located on Richmond Highway. It also does not mention restaurants with predominantly American cuisine and chain operations.