Del. Steve Shannon (D-35)

Del. Steve Shannon (D-35)

AGE: 34

FAMILY: Wife, Abby; son, Aidan (2 years old); daughter, Clare Elizabeth (8 months old)

CAMPAIGN MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1143, Vienna, Va. 22183

CAMPAIGN PHONE: 703-992-9558




EMPLOYMENT: Odin, Feldman & Pittleman PC

EDUCATION: J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 1999; Master of Public Policy, Georgetown University, 1996; B.A., Fairfield University, 1993

QUALIFICATIONS: Former Fairfax County Prosecutor; Member of the General Assembly, 2003 to Present

1. What is your top public service accomplishment?

Before I was elected my wife Abby and I co-founded our region's AMBER Alert system to help law enforcement find and rescue missing children. As a delegate, I wrote a law that improves the AMBER Alert system and helps state, local and federal law enforcement coordinate more effectively to respond to child abductions. I am proud that my legislation is now being used as a model for other states.

2. What sets you apart from the other candidate in the race?

Working with Gov. Mark Warner (D), I helped pass a budget that brought fiscal integrity back to Virginia while cutting income taxes and eliminating the marriage penalty tax. The budget saved our state's Triple-A Bond rating, prevented a government shutdown and protected funding for transportation and education. My opponent has stated that he would not have voted for the budget — even though it was supported by AARP, the Chamber of Commerce and both Democrats and Northern Virginia Republicans.

3. What is one thing you promise not to do if elected?

I will always look out for Northern Virginia and not ever stop fighting for our fair share from Richmond.

4. What is the biggest issue facing your district? What should be done to address it?

Traffic congestion is our No. 1 problem. I support extending Metro through Tysons and on to Dulles. As your delegate, I succeeded in getting an additional $848 million in funding for roads, Metro and Virginia Railway Express. I am committed to using our current budget surplus to make the long-term investments we need to reduce traffic congestion.

5. Is there any additional legislation in regard to abortion that you would support? Would you make any changes to the current laws and regulation about abortion in Virginia?

I do not support new government restrictions on a woman's right to choose.

6. In Virginia, local governments have limited control of revenue and taxing authority. Should they have more? Less? What changes would you propose?

I believe that local jurisdictions hould have the ability to diversify the sources from which they obtain revenue for vital local services.

7. In Northern Virginia, property taxes have increased dramatically in recent years. What role should the state play in this?

I am working to help Fairfax County reduce its reliance on property taxes by giving the county more local revenue options and by increasing the state's share of education funding.

8. What do you believe the role of the state should be in determining the status of same-sex couples in Virginia?

I believe the state should have no role in the personal lives of same-sex couples.

9. What are your views about public-private partnerships and other mechanisms to privatize Virginia's highway system? What are the caveats you would identify as we move forward with this process?

Fixing our region's transportation problems for the long term may require creative solutions. Utilizing public-private partnerships to improve Virginia's highways is certainly an option worth considering as long as our taxpayer dollars are used responsibly.

10. Do you believe that illegal immigration is a problem in Virginia? If so, why, and what should be done?

Yes, I believe illegal immigration is a problem throughout America and it is the role of the federal government to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. The president and Congress should take swift action to make a priority of regaining control of our borders while maintaining a policy of welcoming immigrants who enter this nation legally, work hard and play by the rules.