Liberal Leanings

Liberal Leanings

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Since your paper represents part of the print media wing of the Democrat Party in Fairfax County, it came as no surprise to me that you are promoting the candidacy of Tim Kaine. It seems Democrats see no contradiction between a liberal lawyer who defends murderers guilty of heinous crimes, and that same liberal lawyer then wanting to be governor of Virginia. A man who has proven time and again he would do anything to get a vicious killer back on the streets, if possible, telling Virginians he would not use such means again as governor is disingenuous at best, detestable at worst.

Somehow, Kaine's Catholic beliefs appear to trump my Catholic beliefs, as he has not shown a shred of empathy for the innocent victims and family members of his beloved guilty clients or any regret for his actions. But then I doubt any of his clients were Republicans. And I guess Democrats make an exception to separation of church and state (invented by a Democrat president; it is not in the Constitution as we all know — even those of us who attended a public high school as I did) if it involves a candidate spouting his religious beliefs to defend a core Democrat Party principle. That principle is that criminals are just misunderstood victims themselves who must be coddled, must receive preferred health care in jail and must have their voting rights restored.

I also look forward to reading your take on the Marsden-Golden race for the 41st District seat in the House of Delegates. No doubt, you will portray the Democrat candidate, Dave Marsden, an increasingly desperate would-be House member, as experienced, mature and moderate and for whom the unwashed masses should blindly cast their ballot. Whereas I suppose you will say that Michael Golden is then inexperienced, too young and extreme. The Marsden campaign informed me that Michael Golden is extreme because he opposes the Warner budget, supports 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners and wants to take sanctions against illegal immigration. But then extreme is a word used by Liberals to describe any Republican who is a conservative. This is in opposition to outgoing Del. Jim Dillard (R-41) whom you liked to call a sensible tax-raising moderate. If Michael Golden is extreme, then I guess those who endorse him like John Warner, George Allen, Tom Davis, Ken Cuccinelli, Vince Callahan, Jeannemarie Devolites, Tim Hugo, Jay O'Brien and many others are extremists too.

But if you really want to label someone extreme, look no further than your own demagogue: Leslie Byrne. Come to think of it, you have already called each of these elected Republican officials extremists at one time or another, haven't you, and to what end? It must be a very blue experience at your cocktail parties in McLean when you discuss Democrat political prospects in what you no doubt view as a Redneck State south of the Occoquan in flyover country.

Christopher P. Thompson

submitted via e-mail