Republican Backing Werkheiser

Republican Backing Werkheiser

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am a Republican. My family is Republican. I have worked for years for Republican elected officials and causes in volunteer and paid positions. While I have in the past always supported the Republican Party, this time I feel compelled to support moderate Democrat Greg Werkheiser for the House of Delegates seat (42nd) that represents me.

Four things led me to this choice. First, Werkheiser came to my door to meet me personally, twice. I have not been afforded this courtesy once by the incumbent as long as I have lived here. Second, Werkheiser sent me a detailed and realistic political agenda, which is a rare thing from any politician. Third, we need more bipartisanship in our public life. I figure that since Werkheiser has spent 10 years preparing young Virginians of all political outlooks to become more thoughtful and cooperative, he can bring those same ideals to the state legislature. Finally, and frankly, I am disappointed in the incumbent Dave Albo's (R) performance on the issues that are most important to my family: traffic, education and property taxes. He's had 12 years. It is time for change, and while I am sorry the ideas and energy are not coming from my own party, I am voting for the best candidate for our future.

Tammy Sumner