Brian Moran in 46th

Brian Moran in 46th

Brian Moran has served a decade in the House of Delegates, ably representing his constituents, mostly in the City of Alexandria and parts of Fairfax.

His contributions include using his experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney to improve the criminal justice system.

As leader of the House Democratic Caucus since 2001, he played a significant part in helping to pass Gov. Mark Warner’s budget reform package.

Moran understands the impact of traffic, but also that traffic solutions in and around his district must focus on transit, more funding for Metro, telecommuting and other non-asphalt-based approaches. “Inside the Beltway, there is no room for more roads,” he said.

Moran’s opponent, Republican Matthew Mueda, is a first time candidate with some noble motivations. “The main reason I’m running is make sure we had a voice for everyone in this district,” Mueda said. “Last time, Brian Moran ran unopposed, and in a Democracy, that just doesn’t fly.”