Werkheiser in 42nd

Werkheiser in 42nd

We have to begin this endorsement by saying how much we like David Albo (R). He is, in the words of his opponent, a guy you’d like to have a beer with.

But in a moderate district, Albo has allowed the more conservative leadership in Richmond to press him into positions not consistent with his constituents, and probably not entirely consistent with his own views. In particular, a willingness to impose more restrictions on Fairfax County from Richmond is not acceptable. We have local elected officials. When one of our own representatives joins with legislators from other parts of the state to restrict what can and cannot be done in Fairfax, we are not getting good representation.

Challenger Greg Werkheiser more closely represents the views of the 42 District. He understands that the future of policy making in Virginia must be based on rule by the moderate majority. Right now, “Virginia is poisoned by divisiveness between the parties.”

Werkheiser, is perhaps the best prepared challenger in this year’s slate of candidates, as the founder and director of one of the bipartisan Virginia Citizenship Institute and many other activities. He has been an energetic and motivated campaigner, and would bring a wealth of ideas along with considerable intellectual capacity.

If Albo is reelected, he will likely serve as committee chair for Courts of Justice — excellent use of his skills.