High Schools Offer New Programs

High Schools Offer New Programs

Wakefield High School will continue its efforts on AP Network, which was launched last year. The program's goal is to enable every student to take at least one AP course during his or her high school studies.

The Freshman Connection Grade Nine Transition Program is a new initiative at Washington-Lee this year, which will divide the freshman class into four Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) in order to identify, prepare, and support all students to achieve their full potential by providing greater focus on the developmental needs — academic, social, emotional — of each individual student with attention given to those students who are reading significantly below grade level. The Freshman Connection will supplement and enhance existing efforts to: increase the percentage of students who are proficient in ready and math; increase the percentage of students who enroll in advanced classes at and beyond ninth grade; decrease the school dropout rate; close the achievement gap for all No Child Left Behind identified groups; increase students' self-esteem; reduce disciplinary problems, underachievement,

and negative peer influences, etc..

New initiatives at Yorktown include "Welcome Back Month", a special calendar of transitional events for the entire school community; SOAR — a peer/cohort program for Grade 9 minority students; an "Academic Progress Group," in which students will meet twice a week after school with administrators and staff who will promote and support students’ efforts towards accomplishment and success; expanded initiatives, within the local community and beyond, sponsored by Yorktown's Center for Leadership and Public Service