Taylor Run

Music lovers had a double treat at the Bel Canto concert of the Alexandria Symphony. They saw at intermission the collection of paintings that Marian Van Landingham did after her recent trip to Portugal. Visitors may see them now in Studio 321 of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

TAYLOR RUN CITIZENS' ASSOCIATION elected officers and directors at the annual meeting.

If the names of the officers look familiar, it's because they are. All four incumbents were reelected, as follows: president, Randy Cole; vice-president, Peter Newbould; secretary, Marilee Cunningham; treasurer, Paul Stilp.

We do have four new directors: John Augustine, Susan Miranda, Kyle Rogers, and Gail Turner. Serving again are Marcia Argust, Michael Cook. Jack House, Suzanne Jackson, Elizabeth Jones, John Manning, Ellen Pickering, and Sandy Wiener.

A REPRESENTATIVE FROM the assessor's office told us about the process by which they arrived at the blood-curdling numbers we all received this spring. There is nothing whimsical about it; all is based on recent sales.

SOMEONE FROM the sherriff's office told us that weekend prisoners, who work at their usual jobs during the week, may spend Saturdays and Sundays on community service projects like park cleanup. Suzie Jackson points out that this is doubly beneficial, as tax dollars are not spent locking up relatively harmless offenders in jail, an expensive procedure.

Marilee Cunningham(838-6255) asked for volunteers to set up a test program for Special Needs Registration. Medical personnel, ham radio operators, and neighbors of people with special needs will be needed.

— Lois Kelso Hunt


“Development, Development,” was the lead topic at the RCA meeting at Maury on March 23. The focus was on several projects located at “Upper King Street,” the western area of King Street nearest King Street Metro. The City’s Planning and Zoning Department is proposing that the Alexandria Historic District be expanded from South Peyton to Harvard Street to include a part of Upper King Street. Within this zone is the 1500 block of King Street, a hotbed of controversy since the developer began construction on the historic structures. Neighbor Charlie White led a discussion about these buildings obtaining RCA consensus on a position in protest of recent actions by the developer there.

Lieutenant Len Fouch, of the Alexandria Police Department, is Rosemont’s police liaison. Lt. Fouch gave the police report and invited neighbors to call him directly at 703-838-6360, Ext. 1273. The next session of the Senior Citizens’ Police Academy will convene April 6, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hoffman Building, 2034 Eisenhower Ave. Lt. Fouch noted that this is a great opportunity for seniors to learn methods of preventing crime specific to seniors. Call 703-706-3988 to sign up. The training is free.

Lt. Fouch announced that on April 29 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Cameron Run Regional Park at 4001 Eisenhower Ave., the Police Department will be sponsoring the VIN ID program where residents can have their car’s VIN number etched onto glass on your vehicle at no cost.

It’s that time again and April 22 is Spring Clean-Up Day for Rosemont, a free trash pickup service available to residents who receive city refuse collection. For more information, call 703-519-3486.

The Sullivan family at 16 West Walnut want to thank the neighbor who regularly puts their newspapers on the front stoop almost every morning.  If you are that person, please telephone the Sullivans at 703-739-0731.

The Rosemont Home Show has been postponed until November 2006 at Maury School. Watch for details. Don’t forget to check out our new Web site

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— Francine Neville