'The Alexandria Warthogs’

'The Alexandria Warthogs’

Minor-league basketball team may come to Alexandria.

Alexandrians might have a new team to cheer for soon. According to a presentation made to the City Council on Tuesday night, a group of businessmen are planning to bring an American Basketball Association team to the city. The team would play 36 games a year, with 18 home games being played at George Washington Middle School.

“I went to see a Montgomery Nighthawks game, and I was super impressed,” said William Chesley, deputy director of the city’s Recreation Services. “The ABA games are played in an environment that’s family friendly, and they really bring the kids in as part of the program.”

Council members were generally excited about the prospect of gaining a minor-league team, although several expressed concerns about public input and parking. Councilman Paul Smedberg said he wanted to make sure that area residents were fully briefed on the proposal, and Councilman Rob Krupicka said he wanted to make sure that the city had a plan to handle any parking needs that the games would create.

“We hope the team will take an Alexandria name,” said Mayor Bill Euille. “Whether it’s the Alexandria Hedgehogs or whatever it is.”

After the meeting adjourned, City Hall was buzzing with possible names for the new team. One government insider offered a proposal that capitalizes on the city’s long struggle against Mirant: the Alexandria Tronas.