Tom DeLay: Alexandrian?

Tom DeLay: Alexandrian?

Former majority leader plans to move to the city’s west side.

Since the nation’s capital moved to Washington, D.C. in 1800, Alexandria has been a place for congressmen to relax and take root. It’s just a few miles from the Capitol and a quick drive to K Street, so it’s an attractive bedroom community to scores of Washington insiders. This is especially true for Rep. Tom DeLay, the embattled former majority leader who recently announced that he will resign from Congress this summer.

“Contrary to what people might think, the life of a Congressman is not particularly glamorous,” said Michael Connely, a spokesman for Tom DeLay. “His Alexandria condo is a modest little getaway.”

According to the city’s office of Real Estate Assessments, Thomas Dale DeLay bought a condominium in the Greenhouse for $99,000 in 1994. It’s now worth $286,600 — a commentary on the spiraling value of condominium properties in the city. DeLay plans to switch his voter’s registration from his Houston-based address to Holmes Run Parkway in June.

“It’s something he has to do to get off the ballot in Texas,” said Chris Marston, chairman of the Alexandria City Republican Committee. “It seems reasonable that he’d decide to move here.”

DeLay was forced to give up his position as majority leader after being indicted in Texas on a felony money-laundering charge last October. DeLay’s new representative in the Virginia House of Delegates, Del. Brian Moran, said that he will welcome the former congressman to his district with open arms.

“I have been an advocate of restoring voting rights to felons for many years,” Moran said. “I think DeLay will enjoy my representation.”

Some members of the local Republican establishment weren’t as pleased to hear about the move. Sean Gallagher, a Republican strategist who has worked on several local campaigns, said that DeLay’s move might not be the best thing for Alexandria.

“Keep your hands on your wallet,” he said.