Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Amy Lin is a local artist whose latest show goes on display Monday, May 1 in the Fisher Gallery of the Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center at Northern Virginia Community College, 3001 North Beauregard St. in Alexandria. Lin's influences range from science fiction to comic books. Her drawings, which she does by hand, explore interaction between particles, people, and even societies.

Who are your major influences? I love reading and usually get very attached to the characters in books. Isaac Asimov and Shirley Jackson are two of my favorite authors, but I've never loved a piece of literature or art as much as I love Calvin and Hobbes. I think it's beautiful how they live in their own little world and have great adventures even though everyone else thinks they're weird.

Who are your major art influences? Most of my art is centered around my obsession with human interactions, so in a way I feel like my art is influenced by everyone I've interacted with since I was born.

When did you first get inspired to create art? As a kid, I always loved to draw and paint, but I didn't get serious about art until I was in high school. I had an incredible art teacher, Leslie Strong Sutter, who helped me develop my skills. I still consider her my art mentor.

What is the motif of the show? The show will feature about 35,000 of my hand-drawn "dots." The drawings explore the interactions among the dots. On one level, the interactions are physical and the dots exist as particles or molecules. On another level, the interactions are social and the dots represent people or societies. The dots themselves are similar from piece to piece, emphasizing the way particles or humans behave in different ways when they are in different environments or situations.

Where do you do most of your work? I work inside with lots of light. I only work when I'm by myself — if other people are in the room or if there's even the possibility that someone will walk into the room, I won't be able to work.

Any local community influences in your work? I moved to this area in 2001 and I love it here.

Favorite art work: I recently bought a Melissa Widerkehr drawing "Staying on the Ride." I love this piece because it reminds me of many people I know.