Unauthorized Street Signs Vandalized

Unauthorized Street Signs Vandalized

Nearly as soon as they appeared, signs urging patience and consideration for motorists who use Glen Road Bridge were spray-painted black by anonymous vandals.

The signs appeared late last week on or near each of the three stop signs that mark three of the four traffic routes onto the bridge but by Monday morning had been blacked out.

"The gist of the signs was to urge drivers to be more accommodating to cars coming from the Glen side of the bridge," according to Ginny Barnes, who lives nearby on the village side of the bridge. The signs claimed to be a message from 'The Glen Community,' though Barnes, a member of the community, had not heard anything about them prior to seeing them.

"This happens every five or six years," said Barnes, "people get fed up with the traffic situation on the bridge and put up signs like this. There is a lot of frustration (among motorists who use the bridge), people aren't as courteous as they used to be and there are a lot of people with a 'me first' attitude." That 'me-first' attitude appears to be behind the destruction of the signs as well.