ADAMS Center Builds Bridges by Repairing Churches

ADAMS Center Builds Bridges by Repairing Churches

ADAMS Center helps raise money to rebuild Pakistani-Christian churches.

On Nov. 12, a Muslim mob destroyed two churches, clergys’ homes and a Christian school in Sangla Hill, Pakistan.

In an effort to repair Christian-Muslim relations in Pakistan and around the globe, three All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center members formed the Sangla Hill Rebuilding Coalition. Rubina M. Bari, Nasim Mallick Khan and Shabana Z. Syed conducted a fund-raising dinner on Jan. 21, at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, to raise money to rebuild the churches.

“This was one of the most recent, most horrible acts of violence against the Christian community in Pakistan,” Khan said. “Tonight we are sending a message of condemnation to people who participate in acts of destruction and violence.”

Dels. Thomas D. Rust (R-86), Ken Plum (D-36) and David Poisson (D-32) attended the event.

“This is a wonderful example of tolerance,” Plum said. “We are a diverse community. It is so important that we work together.”

Keynote speaker Akbar Ahmed, American University professor of Islamic Studies, encouraged Muslims living in America to teach non-Muslims about their culture.

“Everything that happens over there has an instant impact over here,” Ahmed said.

The event's proceeds will go toward rebuilding the two Sangla Hill destroyed churches.

“We stand in solidarity with them to rebuild their house of worship,” Khan said.