Ikebana at the Art League

Ikebana is the “art of arranging flowers aesthetically while attempting to represent the sky, the earth and mankind in a balanced relationship.” The development of the art in Japan may be traced back to a Buddhist Monk in 6th century Japan. Upon retirement, Ono no Imoko was made guardian of a temple in Kyoto. During his active career he had traveled to China three times and studied the practices around preparing flowers for religious offerings. In his retirement he continued his studies in “the way of the flower.” Ikebana arrangers chose artwork from Torpedo Factory artists to incorporate into an arrangement. On Thursday morning, buckets and baskets of flowers, carts full of tree bark, leaves, branches and paper were brought in to the Art League Gallery. Ikebana arrangers went to work. By early afternoon everything was complete and the final cards were being placed by each arrangement for the opening reception. The arrangements were on display until Sunday.

The exhibit is presented every other year by the Art League and the Washington Sogetsu School at the Torpedo Factory. For more information on the school www.sogetsu.or.jp/english for more information on Art League classes and programs call 703-683-1780 or visit www.theartleague.org.