Surprise: It’s Project Confidence

Surprise: It’s Project Confidence

One day as Lorraine Spencer was surfing the Web she came across a contest titled “Project Confidence.”

Sponsored by Curvation, the contest asked for essays 500 words or less that nominated “a woman who is making contributions to her local community that builds women’s confidence and self-esteem.” Spencer thought about her friend Mattie Palmore and wrote an essay. She told Palmore about it and they laughed. Last Thursday, they cried.

A purple Curvation van pulled up in front of the Mount Vernon sub-station on Parker’s Lane and out came a bouquet of purple flowers, and string of purple balloons, a TV camera and Carolyn Ashbaugh, a representative from Curvation. Local police officers, representatives from Gerry Hyland’s office and the Magistrates office, as well as family and friends of Mattie Palmore joined them. Everyone knew but Palmore.

She came out the front doors and covered her face as Spencer and Ashbaugh greeted her. And then Palmore heard that she had been selected as one of the five finalists nationwide in the Curvation “Project Confidence” contest. Palmore has been invited to attend the awards luncheon in New York City with Queen Latifah early this spring.