Vienna Resident Takes Runner-Up in Metro Contest

Vienna Resident Takes Runner-Up in Metro Contest

Linda Carducci will still do recordings for Metro, if not the famous "doors closing."

It might have been fate that lead Vienna resident Linda Carducci to enter metro’s “Doors Closing” voice contest. She does live right across the street from the Vienna metro. Or maybe she knew she’d be a shoe in with her background as a radio disc jockey. Whatever the reason, Carducci was excited to be named runner up in the Metro's Doors Closing Voice Contest.

The contest was launched to find a fresh new voice to make riders take notice and exit and board trains quickly and safely. Contestants were judged on vocal quality, versatility, enunciation and elocution.

The list of her diverse background includes a bachelor's degree in music from Duquesne University. She received a certificate from the University of Pittsburgh in legal assisting. In the past, she worked at a rock station in Pittsburgh and currently is a weekend disc jockey at WRQX mix 107.3 in the district. Additionally, she works in the law department for Gannett in McLean "I have been a DJ for the past 20 years," but said that she likes coupling it with the stability of her day job. And, incidentally Carducci is a classical pianist. She said that the neighbors, "hear me playing on the weekends and sometimes I invite them in for a little recital."

Carducci said that she and her husband Bill Jegl are actually big supporters and patrons of the Metro "It's great having the metro so close. It's one of the reasons we bought the place. I take the Metro from Vienna to Falls Church and then take the bus that drops me off in front of my building everyday for work," she continued, "I take the red line to Friendship Heights to get to the radio station." An avid fan of the opera and symphonic music, Carducci said she "loves the convenience of taking the Metro to the Kennedy center to listen to performances.”

Carducci heard about the Metro contest in a local paper. "Initially I wondered if it was just open to amateurs," she said. After reading the rules she decided to audition. "I sent in my tape of three scripted one-liners. One serious, one authoritative and one friendly." Out of the 1,259 entries from all over the country, the judges narrowed it down to ten local finalists.

It doesn’t bother Carducci that she won’t be paid for her efforts. She points out that it's really all about helping the community. "Metro is a non-profit organization, funded by the riders and state. If this contest benefits public service and safety that's what's important to me."

Although Carducci’s voice will not be the official "doors closing" voice, as a finalist, she will be invited to record station announcements related to improving the flow of passengers throughout Metrorail stations.