Burglary, Larceny Charges Go To Grand Jury

Burglary, Larceny Charges Go To Grand Jury

The criminal charges against a Chantilly couple accused of breaking into their neighbor's mobile home have been sent to the grand jury. Marcia Kim Fitzgerald is suspected of burglary, and Kenneth Dean Miller is suspected of grand larceny.

THE INCIDENT occurred Nov. 15 in the Dulles Meadows community, off Route 50. In a Nov. 17 affidavit for a warrant to search the couple's double-wide trailer in the 14500 block of Iberia Circle, police Det. Mitchell Motafches explained the case against Miller, 38, and Fitzgerald, 46.

He wrote that, on Nov. 15, someone smashed the window on the side door of the victim's home and entered her trailer while she was at work. The thieves then pilfered everything from paper towels to pearls.

According to the victim, they took: An opal-and-diamond bracelet, an extensive array of both silver and gold jewelry, a digital camera, color copier, DVD player, an Intel Pentium processor, computer hardware and software, an antique .22-caliber handgun and a box of bullets. Also snatched were: Coin collections, a George Foreman grill, a jigsaw, wedding and engagement rings, and pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

But that's not all; seems as if the intruders had healthy appetites. Also missing, stated the victim, were: Pork chops, packages of chicken legs and breasts, sirloin steaks, a ham steak, a box of breaded shrimp, hot dogs, frozen vegetables, deli meats, gravy mix, potato chips, candy bars, cigarettes, soda, canned tuna and Kraft Miracle Whip.

THE WOMAN then reportedly pointed the finger of guilt at her next-door neighbors, Fitzgerald and Miller. According to Motafches, "The victim stated that both suspects are unemployed and would have need for all of the items taken." She also allegedly told him that their home had no electrical power and they were "in the process of being evicted."

Police executed the search warrant on Nov. 17, seizing — among other things — a cigarette case with the victim's initials, plus two Kit Kat bars and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups wrapper.

They also delved through Miller and Fitzgerald's trash and, wrote Motafches, "Numerous items were located that matched property missing from the victim's home. One of the items was a receipt for jewelry [that] included the victim's name and signature."

On Nov. 18, police arrested Fitzgerald and Miller, charging each with one count of breaking and entering. They appeared in General District Court on Jan. 31 and, at that time, Judge William Minor sent Fitzgerald's charge to the grand jury for possible indictment. Miller's charge was dropped, but two other charges of grand larceny against him were also sent to the grand jury.