New School Boundaries Proposed

New School Boundaries Proposed

School Board to conduct public hearing on Jan. 30.

After three, school-boundary work sessions, proposed boundaries for the new West Fairfax Elementary School have finally taken shape. Fairfax County Public Schools representatives made their recommendations Thursday, Jan. 12, to the School Board.

The changes will especially relieve Colin Powell and Greenbriar East elementaries. In addition, a significant number of Greenbriar West Elementary students would be shifted to Greenbriar East.

Colin Powell's preschool program would be split between the new elementary school and Greenbriar East. And the Emotionally Disabled Center at Brookfield Elementary would move to the new school to make room for more general-education students at Brookfield.

For the past several years, explosive growth has marked the Centreville, Chantilly, Fair Oaks and Fair Lakes areas. The result was that — as Colin Powell opened its doors to its first students ever, a couple years ago — plans were already underway for another new elementary school to relieve it.

Now, that new school, dubbed "West Fairfax Elementary," will open in September on Dixie Hill Road, near the Fairfax County Government Center and Route 29. In the Fair Chase subdivision, the $16 million facility will have 36 classrooms and the same floor plan as Powell.

Since October, parents and school-system personnel have worked diligently to establish the new school's boundaries. Included in the study-area were: Colin Powell, Greenbriar East and West elementaries, Poplar Tree, Brookfield, Willow Springs and Fairfax Villa.

Ultimately, the new school will serve students in both the Sully and Springfield districts. The School Board will conduct a public hearing on the proposed boundaries on Monday, Jan. 30 (and Tuesday, Jan. 31, if needed) and is expected to make a final decision on Thursday, Feb. 23.