Coffee House for Sale

Coffee House for Sale

During the Reston Farmers’ Market each Saturday morning at the Lake Anne Village Center, as the parking lot transforms into a bustling thoroughfare for commerce, it isn’t uncommon to see dozens of shoppers sipping a cup of coffee.

Whether it’s café lattes or cappuccinos, the patrons usually get their morning supply from the nearby and popular Lake Anne Coffee Shop.

The equally popular owner of the shop, Alfredo Melendez, confirmed Sunday that he is accepting offers to buy the business. “Yes, it’s true,” he said, smiling from behind the counter.

Melendez, who recently bought a small villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has not publicly named a price, but said that he will privately entertain offers.

The shop, which includes a front patio area often filled with people, and sometimes their pets, has been a staple at the center for the past ten years. Many of the shops regular customers include some of Reston’s longest-tenured residents.