Vienna Woman Runs Online Business and Blog

Vienna Woman Runs Online Business and Blog

Name: Jennifer Sprague

Family information: I was born April 27 1977. I am divorced and a mother of two, Aubrey is 6 years old and Zachary is 2 years old.

Education: I am currently studying to receive my license to be a lactation consultant as well as a Doula but I am a high school graduate only. That was received in '95.

Current job or primary occupation: I am a work-at-home mom, Owner and operator of High Top Baby Designs. Web site:

Where did you get your interest for children's products? I love kids and I have worked as a nanny, day care provider, teacher, and preschool teacher. When my young son was born, I loved being at home with him, and loved carrying him with me on a day to day basis. I started making baby carriers for friends and soon someone asked why I didn't open a business, so I did and I love it. I love sharing my ideas with other moms as well as helping them get the stuff they need done, done easily and quickly! As well as helping save the earth.

Favorite part of your current job: The people, I love the people and the kids! Its fun to hear a mom, who was at her wits end with chasing her 2 year old around while trying to be with her newborn, say that she can now blow dry her hair, while holding her infant and engaging her 2 year old! It brings joy to my heart every time. Also, hearing how one of my articles has helped a mom who was struggling with discipline or where to start for child proofing.

Advice for parents how to make their children's products more 'earth-friendly'? Really for me, protecting the earth was second when I decided to cloth diaper my son. For me it was more about helping him and having him be comfortable. In this day and age we are taught disposable is best for us and we look at ways to reuse things and recycle them. There is a whole world of recyclable things out there, from re-usable breast pads to cloth diapers. Which a lot of people don't realize are just as easy to use, cheaper and so much fun!

One thing about your community that you enjoy that you don't think most people know about; or something important for a newcomer to know: Vienna is a great "small" town inside a huge city. You have that "small town" feel why still being close to all the "big stuff." Its a great mix of home and culture, if you can stand the traffic!

List a few of your favorite places in your community; We love the Air and Space Museum and the Zoo, and the parks in Vienna are also wonderful, I can't pick just one, we frequent them all! We also don't go too long before visiting Cold Stone Creamery as well.

If you were king of your community, everyone would…: Know their children and talk to them rather than at them.

One thing you would change about your community:

The speeding.

What book do you recommend? The Cloth Diaper hand book.

What is the last movie you saw or enjoyed? The last Harry Potter Movie.

What is your favorite TV show? Lost, CSI and House.

List your hobbies: sewing, reading, being with my kids, creating fun arts and craft activities, going to movies, hiking, roller blading, working on the computer and writing.

Where was your last or favorite vacation? I am getting ready to go on my first ever Cruise in July. My family and I are taking the kids and going to Disney and also on the Disney cruise for the 4th of July. We all love Disney, so I cant wait!

What is your favorite quotation? "Whenever God closes a window; you have to look around, somewhere there's another one open!"

If you could be anyone else, who would you be? Um, myself honestly. Its been a long road to get where I am today, the trials and tribulations I have been through to get to this point, I can now finally look back on and be thankful for. I am happy where I am today. My kids are awesome, and my life is pretty darn good too!

If you could meet anyone else (any time in history), who would it be? Donald Trump honestly, or someone like him. I would love to pick his brain on how he became so popular and with such a successful business or businesses.