Men Charged: Cocaine Distribution

Men Charged: Cocaine Distribution

In unrelated cases, Fairfax County police have charged two local men with distribution of cocaine. They are Jeffrey Deshaun Gaines, 27, of 13845 Braddock Springs Road, in Centreville, and Gilbert Johnson, 45, of 4097 Weeping Willow Court in Chantilly.

Centre View is not releasing the names of the detectives who obtained the information against them, since they were both acting in undercover capacities at the time. Both are with the police department's narcotics section.


<bt>In a Feb. 23 affidavit for a warrant to search Gaines' apartment, the detective detailed the case against him. He wrote that investigation revealed that Gaines had allegedly been selling cocaine from his home.

He also discovered Gaines has a criminal record and was previously arrested for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. Furthermore, Gaines is currently on probation in Fairfax County for felonious assault.

The detective noted, as well, that he was able to obtain samples of the suspected narcotics that Gaines was believed to be selling out of his apartment. Wrote the detective: "The substance(s) [tested] positive for cocaine."

On Feb. 24, police charged Gaines with six offenses — five counts of possession of cocaine and one charge of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. He was held on $6,000 bond at the Adult Detention Center and has a May 3 court date.


<bt>In a Feb. 27 affidavit for a warrant to seek possible evidence in Johnson's townhouse, the detective presented details of Johnson's criminal case. He, too, wrote that investigation led him to believe that Johnson was peddling cocaine from his home.

And like the other detective, he also field-tested samples of cocaine reportedly purchased from Johnson and wrote that they allegedly tested positive for cocaine. In addition, Johnson has had a checkered past, as well.

According to the detective, a background check of Johnson conducted via the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) and the Virginia Criminal Information Network revealed that he has eight prior arrests for distribution of cocaine.

Last Wednesday, March 1, police executed the search warrant at Johnson's home and seized two jeweler's bags stuffed with crack cocaine. One bag was found inside a hat on the kitchen table, and the other was inside a trash can in the kitchen.

Police also seized pills from the top of the refrigerator, records and documents from the kitchen counter, crack cocaine from an end table in the living room, a crack pipe from within a Virginia Slims box in the living room, a crack pipestem from the upstairs hallway floor and a plastic bag with suspected drug residue from atop a dresser in the master bedroom.

On Feb. 28, police charged Johnson with one count of cocaine distribution. He was held on $5,000 bond and has a May 22 court date.