Speed Tables Approved for Old Courthouse

Speed Tables Approved for Old Courthouse

<bt>With traffic becoming an increasing source of concern in Vienna, the Town Council voted Monday night to approve traffic-calming measures, proposed by the town's Traffic Safety Commission, for Old Courthouse Road.

Courthouse Road resident Cris Janoski made a presentation of findings to demonstrate the marked increase in volume and average speed along the road while many of her neighbors looked on. Several of them testified to their difficulties in pulling out of their driveways and fears for their children walking to bus stops.

The recommendations were that two raised speed tables be installed on the road somewhere between Westbriar Drive and the town limit and that a crosswalk be added at Westbriar. The speed tables would be three inches high, and each would span a 22-foot length of road and consist of a 10-foot flat area and a six-foot taper on either side. Also recommended was that the location of the existing flashing yellow light on Old Courthouse be reviewed. The work will be contracted to an outside company.

The council also set a date of April 17 for a public hearing for a proposal to remove the property at 210 Lawyers Road, N.W., from the Windover Heights Historic District.

The council also accepted a letter of resignation from Jean-Pierre Osterwalder, requesting that, for health reasons, he not be reappointed to the town's Transportation Safety Commission. It was decided that Osterwalder would be presented with a Certificate of Distinguished Service.

All votes were unanimous.

<1b>— Mike DiCicco