Flint Hill Produces ‘Pippin’ for Spring Musical

Flint Hill Produces ‘Pippin’ for Spring Musical

“Pippin” is the spring musical offering by Flint Hill School. The upper school production is scheduled for April 28-29 and May 5-6. Nominated for eleven Tony Awards and the winner of five, “Pippin” opened on Broadway in 1972 and ran for nearly 2,000 performances. This hip, tongue-in-cheek fairy tale has an energetic pop-influenced score by composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz and a book written by Roger O. Hirson. The original director was the legendary Bob Fosse.

In this wide-open theatrical production, a band of gypsy performers arrives in town and invites the audience to join them for a magical tale. Through music, dance, and story telling, the company begins to weave the story of Pippin, the son of King Charlemagne the Great. Pippin, who has led a privileged life of higher education, returns home to the court of his father, looking to find the purpose of his life. The answer he seeks is difficult to find. He tries his hand at war, politics, religion and the pleasures of the flesh. All the while, a trio of narrators/players push Pippin in his search, finally suggesting that in the end, only suicide may be the ultimate answer. However, he meets a widow with a young son and comes to an important decision.

Two-time Cappie nominee, Adam Clark, plays the role of Pippin. The ensemble of players include: Clay Childs, Leslie Martell, Mackenzie Vartanian, Kyle Amey, Will Lacy, Nicole Ferguson, Katie Rosenthal, Lucy Mathias, Jack Pidgeon, Erik Magnusson-Oldsteirna, Melissa Merritt, Kathy Norris, Claire Holman, Talia Samuelson, Tony Rivera-Silva, Jen Green, Lauren De Ridder, Sonia Gill, Ashley Sprano, Lindsay Bowling, Katie Croft, Natasha Scearse, Marguerite Stephan, Trish Guillen, Erin Kidd, Alexis Abbey, Martha Crockett, Rachel Hicks and Casey McGrath.