Senate Race and Civic Duty

Senate Race and Civic Duty

Residents go to the polls.

Turnout was fairly heavy at Oak-Marr precinct in Oakton early Tuesday, but a handful of people interviewed said they just come to vote every year. "I vote every time," said Al Rosenbaum of Oakton.

The U.S. Senate race seemed to be the top motivator, with supporters of both major candidates showing up at the polls. The race for U.S. Congress wasn't as heated.

"I vote every time, and I like George Allen," said Joe Crowling speaking of the Republican senator.

"I have not been particularly satisfied with George Allen's performance in any public office," said Jay DeLanoy.

Both men continued along their party lines in the congressional race. although neither were as animated when discussing it. "To me, Tom Davis is the lesser of the evils," Crowling said.

"I'm not that fond of Davis either," DeLanoy said.

Everyone said they were annoyed about the negative campaigning. Rosenbaum walked away after talking briefly to a reporter but turned around and came back to rail against the campaigns. "What really bothers me is all the ads. They don't really tell you anything," he said. "I got calls from [former President] Bill Clinton (D) and [U.S. Sen.] John McCain (R-Ariz.) while I'm trying to watch football. In this area, don't they think people know the issues."

"It made me sick. All that negative crap," said Crowling.

DeLanoy was the only person who mentioned the constitutional amendments as a concern. He was opposed to Question one, the constitutional amendment which would ban gay marriage.

But the other amendments were important to him as well. "The constitutional amendments are important because it's changing the fundamentals of Virginia law," DeLanoy said. "I care about it all."

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